About Me

Welcome to my photography blog.

I’m Loremi and people call me Lorie, Lorine or Lor.  I live in Cannes, France.  I’ve been doing photography since 2009.  I’m doing this as a hobby since I used to travel a lot due to my job.  I take photos of merely everything, from landscapes, food, events and recently I started to get serious on portraiture.

I also join several photo contests to develop my photography ability.  I love stolen shots, I believe it’s a great way to capture the moment or the drama in a photo.  I’m not really a fan of photoshop LoL

My site is still under construction since I have to re-do it due to some error or bugs on the updates so please bare with me.

For photography bookings please email loremivillones@gmail.com or skype jhuris_eirol

Please be informed that the photos here are my personal property and cannot be reproduced or used without permission. 


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